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New Beginnings

The New Beginnings Program is intended to support qualified students by providing day care services while they attend Flagler-Palm Coast High School or Flagler Technical College.


  • Students enrolled at Flagler-Palm Coast High School or in FTC Career Programs
  • Students enrolled in FTC GED programs and/or ESOL students
  • Students who have child(ren) 0–3 years of age
  • Students who are low income (poverty level)

Teenage Parenting Program

Studies have shown that students who use school-based childcare or stable childcare in the community, have increased attendance, improved academics, and higher graduation rates. Flagler-Palm Coast High School offers any pregnant females, or parenting male or female full-time students attending Flagler Schools the following services:

On Site Childcare

A critical factor in preventing teen mothers from dropping out of school is access to childcare.


Flagler Schools provides transportation of the student with the student’s child to the school or childcare facility. Car seats are provided for each child, and are installed by employees certified in car seat installation.

Parenting I and II (Elective Credit Class)

This class provides a small school setting dedicated to serving the teen parent, and collaborates with community organizations, including the local health department. An employee of the health department will visit the class to review various health topics, giving the students an opportunity to ask questions. The class also offers nutrition guidance, helping young mothers understand the importance of nutrition for themselves and for their children.

teen parenting Program Waiver