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Integrated Education & Training

FTC offers Integrated Education and Training (IET) programs for qualifying ESOL and ABE/GED students in Certified Nursing Assistant (Articulated) and Phlebotomy programs. IET programs allow students to learn health science terminology and concepts while attending GED or ESOL classes.

Our IET program gives students the opportunity to prepare for, and enroll in our CNA (Nursing Assistant) program while completing GED or ESOL classes. During the school year, we offer this program to ESOL and GED students who enroll in August, September, or October.

As part of the GED or ESOL curriculum in fall semester classes, students will learn terminology and concepts to help prepare them for the CNA program. In January, they can enroll in the CNA (Nursing Assistant) program, which can be completed by March. Students who do not complete their GED or ESOL requirements upon completion of the CNA program, will continue to work with an instructor in their respective programs.

For more information, contact Program Facilitator, Travis Thomas, at 386-447-4345, extension 1206.