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Student Resources


An accommodation is any change to a classroom environment or task that permits a qualified student with a disability to participate in the classroom process, to perform the essential tasks of the class, or to enjoy benefits and privileges of classroom participation equal to those enjoyed by students without disabilities. An accommodation is a legally mandated change that creates an equitable opportunity for task completion or environmental access. There are many types of accommodations that FTC students may qualify to receive. Please review our Learner Rights and Responsibilities form for more information.

Employment Placement Services

FTC ensures that students are provided information about employment opportunities, and has procedures in place for employment follow-up, verification, and documentation. While FTC cannot guarantee job placement for students, the college has methods to assist students in finding employment. 

FTC provides the following services to aid students in securing employment:

  • Interagency collaboration with local job service agencies (CareerSource, Spherion)
  • Access to job search websites on media center computers
  • Access to job boards with local employment opportunities
  • Contact information for local business partners
  • Externships within the health science programs
  • Preparation for state certification
  • Assistance with resumé writing, interview skills, and job applications

Individual Student Planning

FTC students can meet with one of our Student Service Managers to set goals, establish academic and career plans, or prepare for the transition to their next stage in life. Contact one of our Student Service Managers to schedule an appointment.

Media Services

Media services are available to to assist instructors in the development and implementation of their curriculum and to serve students in the pursuit of their educational goals. Services are available in our media center and in the resource areas at each program’s site.

The FTC media center will supply and maintain library and media resources that are relevant and current to each program. The media center is located on the main campus, and is open during FTC office hours, as well as evenings and Saturdays as needed.

Media center resources include:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Computer Access
  • Internet Access
  • Manuals
  • Microsoft Office
  • Periodicals
  • Reference Books
  • Textbooks

Each program facilitator will also maintain a resource area for their instructors and students that may also include:

  • Audio-Visual Equipment
  • Audio-Visual Material
  • Lesson Plans

Student Handbook

Review the FTC Campus Handbook for college policies, procedures, codes of student conduct, and information about withdrawing or refunds.



This is a digital collection of resources put together by FTC students and teachers to increase health literacy awareness and provide helpful health resources for the whole family. Feel free to download these resources and share them with friends and family. This project was created in partnership with the Florida Literacy Coalition. Please click here for more information on the FLC Health Literacy initiative and for access to even more health literacy resources.


FLagler Technical College Money Back GUarantee

Flagler Technical College introduces a Money-Back Guarantee program for specific courses under House Bill 1507 and the Reimagining Education and Career Help Act (REACH). Eligible students, if unemployed six months post-graduation, can request tuition refunds. The guarantee covers only tuition, excludes extra costs, and is applicable to self-pay students. Not valid for external agency or scholarship payments. In-demand programs include Commercial Vehicle Driving, Heavy Equipment Operator Technician, and Cosmetology. The following policy contains specific details as to what the requirements are. 

The following policy articulates detailed requirements for eligibility and procedures. Please refer to the attached document for specific information on the Money-Back Guarantee program, including applicable courses, eligibility criteria, and refund processes.

FTC's Money Back Guarantee