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New Student Enrollment

Welcome to Flagler Technical College! Please follow each the steps below to complete the new student enrollment process.

Steps to Enroll

Step 1: Create a student profile by completing an FTC Online Application

Creating a student profile does not obligate you to attend, or guarantee your enrollment at FTC. Upon completion of your student profile, please contact a member of our Admissions Team at 386-447-4345 to schedule a free information session.

Apply for enrollment

Step 2: Attend a Free Information Session

Speak with a campus Admissions Team member in person or by phone to discuss your interest in our programs and career training opportunities. If you are undecided about a career or educational pathway, the admissions team member will review your options and assist you in making an educated decision. You may schedule a tour of our facilities during your information session. 

To schedule your free information session, please call FTC’s admissions team at 386-447-4345. Health Careers, Commercial Vehicle Driving, and Apprenticeship Programs require a meeting with the Program Supervisor or Teacher prior to registering. 

Step 3: Explore Financial Aid Resources (If Applicable)

FTC offers several ways to help fund your education including financial aid, local agency sponsorships, and scholarships. All students seeking financial aid are required to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). For questions regarding financial aid, please call the FTC Financial Aid Specialist for assistance at 386-447-4345 x1199. Please visit the Financial Aid & Scholarships page for additional information.

If student is personally financing their education, payment for fees/tuition not covered by deferment, scholarship, etc. are due one month prior to the first day of class. Payments may be made by cash, check, money order, cashier’s check, and/or credit card (3% fee assessed for credit card transactions).

Step 4: Reserve Your Seat and Start the Registration Process

Meet with FTC Registration to submit identification, social security card, residency documents, education documents (GED, High School Diploma or Official Transcripts, College Official Transcripts), and program registration fees. Please bring the following items to registration:

  • Completed Registration Paperwork
  • Program Registration Fees
  • Social Security Card
  • Government or State Photo ID
  • High School or GED Diploma/Official Transcripts, or Proof of Enrollment in a GED Program (If Required)
  • Background Check Documentation (If Required)
  • Eligibility for Florida In-State Tuition Rates: Show proof of 12 consecutive months of Florida residency (choose two “A” documents or one “A” and one “B” document from the lists below)    
 “A” List Documents
  • FL Driver’s License or Florida State-Issued Picture ID
  • FL Vehicle Registration
  • FL Voter’s Registration
  • Purchase Record and Documentation of Florida Primary Residence
  • Homestead Exemption Documentation
  • Full Time (30+ hours/week) Employment Records
  • Lease for Apartment/House in Florida
"B” List Documents
  • Declaration of Domicile
  • Florida Professional/Occupational License
  • Florida Incorporation
  • Membership in Florida Organizations
  • Documents Evidencing Family Ties in Florida
  • Utility Bills and Proof of Payment of 12 Consecutive Months
Step 5: Process Financial Aid and Obtain Funding (If Applicable)

Once registered for a program, schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid Specialist to process your FAFSA application and explore other Financial Aid resources if necessary. The financial aid process completion deadline is two weeks prior to the program start date.

Step 6: Schedule Basic Skills Assessment Testing (If Applicable)

All students in a CTE program over 450 hours must complete the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) or CASAS assessment test.

Students who provide proof of a college degree at the associate level of applied science or higher are exempt from assessment testing, as well as any student who is serving as an active duty member of any branch of the United States Armed Forces (documentation is required).

Students who entered the 9th grade of a Florida public school no more than eight years prior to the program start date and have earned a Florida standard high school diploma are exempt from assessment testing. Official transcripts must be provided to receive exemption.

Students who received a GED no more than five years prior to the program start date are exempt from assessment testing. Official transcripts must be provided to receive exemption. Students may schedule testing through the registrar’s office. Students must bring a valid state-issued photo ID the day of testing.

Step 7: Attend Orientation and Obtain a Parking Pass, Student ID, etc.

All students must attend FTC Orientation at the beginning of their program. At the time of orientation, students will meet instructional and support staff members and learn what is expected of them as a student at FTC. Orientation will be held either on the first day of class or a scheduled date prior to the start of classes, depending on the program. For questions regarding orientation dates and times, please contact the Program Facilitator.

Students must review the FTC Campus Handbook, Program Guide, and Code of Conduct before orientation. The registrar will notify you of how to obtain a student ID badge, parking decal, and will provide any pertinent information needed prior to the start of your program.

FTC Admissions Team: 386-447-4345

Susan McManus, CTE Registrar x1202
Sharon Kochenour, Financial Aid Specialist x1199
Mary Engle, GED/ESOL, Registrar x1194