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Financial Aid & Scholarships

FTC offers several ways to help fund your education including financial aid, local agency sponsorships, and scholarships. Current and prospective students can contact the FTC Financial Aid Specialist to gain an understanding of these options. The financial aid and scholarship information found on this page provides several tuition assistance resources. Please note that this is not a conclusive list, and that some financial aid options have restrictions.


All students seeking financial aid are required to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Not only is it important to complete the FAFSA for the purposes of applying for Federal Aid for “Pell Approved” programs, but it is also requirement for several funding sources, and can be a factor in scholarship applications.

Application Process

Create a FSA ID
  • Visit the Federal Student Aid website.

  • If you are a dependent student or under the age of 25, your parents/guardians will also need to create a FSA ID.
Complete a FAFSA Application
  • Visit the Federal Student Aid website.
  • FTC’s Federal School Code is 041583. You may enter additional school codes during your application id needed.
  • If you filed tax returns, use the “Link to IRS” tab to directly download your tax information into your application.
  • If you need assistance with your online application or FSA ID, please call 800-433-3243.
Schedule a Financial Aid Appointment
  • After meeting with the registrar to complete the registration process, contact the FTC Financial Aid Specialist at 386-447-4345 x1199 to begin processing your FAFSA.
  • The Financial Aid Specialist will review your application and advise you of verification requirements or any other information pertaining to your FAFSA.
  • Request tax return transcripts online or by calling 800-908-9946.
  • Only accepted students will be awarded and provided financial aid documents.
  • The deadline for completion of the financial aid process is two weeks prior to the start of the student's program.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Resources

To create an estimate of annual expenses for students enrolled in FTC Programs, visit the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) website to use their Net Price Calculator