Dual Enrollment Registration


1. Student will schedule a meeting with their high school counselor to discuss their interest in the program, determine eligibility status, and complete the Dual Enrollment Admission Application in the counselor DE packet.

2. Student will complete FTC's online application

3. High school counselor will send student application to the FTC Student Service Manager.

4. Student and parent(s) will meet with FTC Program Facilitator to discuss program details and ensure the program is the right fit for student. The Program Facilitator will review the following items with the student and parent(s) at this time.
»  Course details and expectations
»  Student's acceptance status
»  Student's start date

5. FTC Program Facilitator will notify guidance counselor, student, and FTC Registrar of student's acceptance.

6. Student will meet with FTC registrar to complete registration packet (medical packet for medical programs), and obtain student ID and parking pass.

7. Student will attend orientation and return medical packet (for medical programs) to FTC Program Facilitator.  The following items will be covered during orientation. 
»  Program expectations and policies
»  Uniform requirements