The ESOL program provides English instruction for adults (age 16 or older and not enrolled in high school) whose first language is not English. Students develop skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening formats and include workplace, life, civics, and academic applications. In addition, students benefit by forming friendships with classmates and participating in social activities and field trips, which help expand their experiential education.

ESOL classes are conveniently scheduled during the day and in the evening. Students are placed in appropriate classes according to their English skill level, based upon the CASAS evaluation. Students periodically participate in CASAS testing to evaluate their progress and determine when a student should advance to the next level class.
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Classes are offered in beginning, intermediate, advanced, and academic skills levels. Progressive levels of grammar structure, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and living skills are taught to help the non-English speaker adjust to American life and prepare the student to enter the job market or continue his/her education.

When Students complete the highest level of ESOL instruction, they may participate in a graduation ceremony, complete with cap and gown. Students are encouraged to enroll in other academic and vocational classes upon completion of ESOL classes. Students who wish to continue academic studies may enroll in the Adult Basic Education (ABE) for ESOL class or a GED class. Other transition options include career training programs through Flagler Technical College or other center, college, or university classes.

ELCATE Program

Begin learning Health Science terminology and concepts while attending our GED or ESOL classes!

Our GED-I (GED Students) and ELCATE (ESOL Students) Programs allow students to prepare for and enroll in our CNA (Nursing Assistant) while completing their GED or ESOL classes. During the 2020/2021 school year, we will be offering this program to our ESOL and AGE/GED students who enroll in August, September, or October.

How it works:

As part of their AGE/GED or ESOL curriculum during Fall 2020 classes, students will learn terminology and concepts to help prepare them for our CNA program. In January 2021, they will enroll in our CNA (Nursing Assistant) program. The CNA program is scheduled to be completed by March 2021. For students who do not complete their GED or ESOL requirements upon completion of the CNA program, they will continue to work with an instructor in their respective programs.

For more information, contact Travis Thomas at 386-447-4345 Ext. 1206.